CSW- commercial sex workers


Foundation “Blago” is engaged in HIV / STD / Viral Hepatitis among commercial sex workers (CSW) in 2007.

The main task – to reduce the number of new cases among this target group and prevent them from spreading among users of sexual services.

To this end, the project involves social workers, medical professionals, psychologists, lawyers. Since 2008, Mobile Ambulance clinic works in the direction. There is a hotline phone +38 067 571 05 05 (call back).

Despite the high level of migration of CSW and harassment by the police, which results in frequent changes of location of sex-services, thanks to the intensive work of social workers CSW-direction organized a stable contact and trusting relationships with customers of the project.

In recent years, there has been a decrease in HIV prevalence among commercial sex workers, but identifying of new cases of sexually transmitted diseases is still in progress. Preventive work and services – is necessary actions to prevent HIV / STI / Hepatitis, which aimed at maintaining the health of the CSW and their clients.

How do we work with CSWs?


Social workers meet with CSWs and consult them on disease prevention, give information and education materials and personal protection sets (condoms, disinfectants, personal care products, lubricants, etc.).

Clients are encouraged to take a quick test for HIV / STD / Viral Hepatitis. Testing procedure are goes after the social worker briefing. If client need help – our staff assist to pass the test.

If a customer needs help of medical professional, she is given a referral to a gynecologist, dermatologist and infectious disease doctor. In some cases, the social worker accompanies the client in the AIDS center and Dermatovenerologic dispensary №5.

We have developed an effective system of redirection to our partners. Services of Family Planning Centre, Centre for Assistance to pregnant women, the Center for Social Adaptation Center of social services for families of children and youth are regularly demand. Expanding the network of partner organizations allows us to create CSW loyalty to other services of the Foundation testing, medical examination, training.

Where do we work with CSWs?


Social workers of the Foundation met with sex workers on outreach routes, exits of Mobile Ambulance clinic and in the community center “Orion”.

Outreach route includes trails, nightclubs, spas, hotels apartments and other places where CSWs are looking for clients or provide sexual services. We practice both day and night outreach, which allows us to adjust to the schedule of the CSW.

Most often used for night outreach Mobile Ambulance clinic. This is specially equipped van in which customers can get consultations, medical examinations and quiсk testing.

For help, advice and handouts clients of CSW direction can ask in Community Center “Orion” (Artema str., 15). In addition to these services there are trainings aimed at the prevention of diseases and addictions. Psychologist can provide expert assistance in dealing with personal problems in “Orion”. Here our clients can relax, drink tea, talk to experts, surf the Internet.