Charitable Foundation ” Blago” implements the ICF ” Public Health Alliance ” project under the working title  ” HIV / AIDS  and tuberculosis prevention among vulnerable groups in the Kharkov region”  and the “Solidarite SIDA”  project  under the working title  “Developing a system of identification and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and inflammatory diseases of urogenital tract in representatives of group at risk order to reduce the risk of HIV infection”.

Target group:

commercial sex workers (CSW)

Objectives of the projects:

 to reduce the number of new cases of HIV among commercial sex workers (CSW) and prevent them from spreading HIV infections  among users of sexual services.


  • Consultations on HIV, STI, tuberculosis and so on.
  • The issuance remedy for the protection against STI and HIV (condoms, lubricants), as well as things for the intimate hygiene (gaskets, wet wipes).
  • Issue of thematic literature.
  • For the clients provides services of a psychologist, a lawyer, a gynecologist, and a dermatovenerologist.
  • For detection of early HIV and STIs status, clients are tested for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, chlamydia and gonorrhea.



Hotline phone +38 067 571 05 05 (call back).

Community Centre «ORION»
 Alchevskyh street, 15 750-99-68
Kharkiv City Clinical Dermatovenerologic Dispensary №5
Chernyshevsky street, 27 725-06-56
Kharkiv Regional Student Hospital
Darwin street, 10 706-15-14
Regional AIDS Prevention Center
Borby street, 6 392-29-83