Day care center “Compass”


Day care center “Compass” was opened in April 2014. This is the first sign of a unique project for Ukraine “Social House”.

“Compass” – is a place where children come from low-income families with many children, orphans, the graduates of orphanages, teenagers with antisocial behavior. Guests of “Compass” can take a shower, wash and dry clothes. Nurse necessarily conducts a medical examination. The psychologist will listen and help to cope with problems. The center has a ping-pong, foosball, interesting educational games, so children always find something to do.

Social workers of the center help children to address critical issues (to restore the documents, to obtain housing for graduates of boarding schools, etc.). Staff conduct training on the prevention of risky behavior; arrange family group conferences in which children with their parents find ways to solve family problems.

Very soon in the “Compass” will be opened the parent club, which aims to help moms, dads and caregivers to find a common language with their children, to teach them to support and accept the way they are.

In “Compass», movie screenings are held. Since March, the project “Open yourself” by studio “Candela production” will help children to see the world differently – through the lens and video camera. Very soon, IT club will be organized, where children will receive skills with computer programs. Employees are developing a series of master classes in order to distract children from the streets and to develop their abilities.

The main goal pursued by the staff of “Compass” to help children learn how to cope with life’s difficulties by themselves.