The day-care center for children and youth “Compass” was opened in March 2014 and was the first sign of a unique project for Ukraine named “Social House”.

“Compass” is the place for children and teenagers, who practing risky behavior for their health and life. Here they can take shower, wash and dry their clothes, get consultations about health and get first aid, donate blood for testing on infections, find psychological support. There is a ping-pong, table football, interesting educational games in the center. There is also an IT-corner, where teenegers can surf the Internet for free and improve skills in working with computer programs. They can also take participation in interactive classes on the prevention of socially dangerous phenomena in the youth environment.

Social workers of the center help teenagers to solve other vital issues: to restore the right to housing, documents, social payments and other.

“Compass” is a safe place for communication and rest.

Schedule of work
Days: Monday – Friday
Time: 10:00 – 18:00

Telephone: (057) – 777 – 05 – 72
Address: 7 Kotlova street, Kharkiv