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The project “Social House” is unique in Ukraine. It brings together under one roof Help Center for street children and children with antisocial behavior, Military-patriotic union “Dinamo”, voluntary and community organizations. All services of “Social House” are free through grants, sponsorship and volunteer work.

Our goal – to create a place where residents and guests of our city will be able to receive the necessary assistance, which will develop voluntary and community organizations, which will become an incubator initiatives of people with an active lifestyle.

The main value of “social house” consist in its open structure. Association of citizens will be able to take advantage of the resources for the development, fundraising resources in the region, the organization of their social activities, helping people. It is important that all initiatives will “bring” citizens and volunteers, so their actions will be as close as possible to the realities and will solve actual problems.

Activists and volunteers will be free to use equipped 2-3  workplace (computer, unlimited internet, a printer / copier / scanner, telephone) and rooms for group work. If necessary, temporarily (up to 3-6 months.) associations of citizens will be able to hold 2 spare rooms and use the experience of NGO-neighbors for its development. So in a such way we can implement  concept  of “incubator” for associations of citizens who want to develop and help to people.

Union organizations in one place will increase the “resistance” work of “Social House”: together it is easier to find new resources to improve the facilities, maintenance of municipal payments.

History of creation