The project “Social House” – unique in Ukraine. It brings together under one roof Help Center for street children and children with antisocial behavior, Military-patriotic union “Dinamo”, voluntary and community organizations. All services of “Social House” are free through grants, sponsorship and volunteer work.

Our goal – to create a place where residents and guests of our city will be able to receive the necessary assistance, which will develop voluntary and community organizations, which will become an incubator initiatives of people with an active lifestyle.


The main value of “social house” consist in its open structure. Association of citizens will be able to take advantage of the resources for the development, fundraising resources in the region, the organization of their social activities, helping people. It is important that all initiatives will “bring” citizens and volunteers, so their actions will be as close as possible to the realities and will solve actual problems.

Activists and volunteers will be free to use equipped 2-3  workplace (computer, unlimited internet, a printer / copier / scanner, telephone) and rooms for group work. If necessary, temporarily (up to 3-6 months.) associations of citizens will be able to hold 2 spare rooms and use the experience of NGO-neighbors for its development. So in a such way we can implement  concept  of “incubator” for associations of citizens who want to develop and help to people.

Union organizations in one place will increase the “resistance” work “Social House”: together is easier to find new resources to improve the facilities, maintenance of municipal payments.

History of creation

The initiative to open a “Social House” was supported by the Mayor’s office of Kharkiv. In 2013, we have received an old mansion in the center of the city for free use. The two-story building with an area of ​​650 sq.m. and its surroundings are needed overhaul. Start of renovation has provided by International Charitable Fund “AIDS Foundation East-West.” 27,000 euro of grant was only enough for a partial redecoration of Children’s Center “Compass”. Then the representatives of socially responsible business of Kharkiv responded to the call for help. Sponsors provided materials and money in the amount of more than 15 000 euros.

With the help of our partners, we have built a wood-fired boiler,set up the heating system, mounted the warmth and energy saving equipment, replaced windows, had a major overhaul of the walls and floors, restored electricity and drainage system and completed the first phase of work – CC “Compass” was opened.

Now, from April 2014 in “Social House” children and adolescents who are prone to risky behavior and vagrancy, graduates of boarding, children from large families can get professional help . Any person or organization may use the “Social House” for the realization of good works.

Very soon, “Social House” will perform an important function – to take 170 migrants from Lugansk and Donetsk regions. On the second floor of the building will opened the Transit center for migrants, building materials for repairs which we transferred from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

We are very pleased that our labors will benefit not only for troubled teens, but also the people who really are in a very difficult situation.