It is located on the basis of the Narcological Dispensary of Frunzensky and Ordzhonikidzevsky districts. The social workers of the center give  sterile syringes, alcohol wipes, medical ointments, condoms, lubricants, personal care products for clients for preventive purposes to  reduce the possibility of transmission of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections by the re-use of a syringe or sexual contact.

The provision of services within the harm reduction program in the neighborhood of the narcologist’s office significantly increases the chances that the addict person will turn to a medical specialist. Clients can also quickly find out about the presence of antibodies that are produced in HIV and Viral hepatitis due to testing with rapid tests.

We have been testing clients with rapid tests in the narcologist’s office since December 2014. If the client’s results are positive, they are redirected to the AIDS center, where they have additional testing and get prescription of the necessary treatment. We have developed an effective system for redirecting IDUs to medical specialists. Clients of  “Visit” can receive a referral to a narcologist, infectionist.

Our experienced psychologists  help not only drug addicts, but also members of their families. Social workers conduct preventive trainings, which is aimed both at reducing dependencies, and on informing about precautions and first aid.

Schedule of work

Day Monday Tuesday – Friday
Time 13:00-17:00 10:00-17:00

Phone: 063 505 71 11
Address: Severin Pototsky Lane, 1 (former 17th Party Road Lane)