The Center of Integrated health care “Visit”


The Center of Integrated health care “Visit” opened in 2014. He is based in one building with Drug Dispensary Frunze and Ordzhonikidze district. For preventive of HIV / Hepatitis / STD maintenance center staff give sterile syringes, alcohol wipes, salves, condoms, lubricants, personal care products. This is the way to reduce the possibility of transmission of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections when reusing syringes or sexual contact.

Provision of harm reduction program in the vicinity of the expert in narcology greatly increases the chances that addicts will seek medical specialist. Customers of IDUs direction can take a few minutes tests to learn about the presence of antibodies that are produced in HIV / STD / Viral Hepatitis.

Since December 2014 the rapid testing is conducted and in the narcology office. In case of positive results our social workers redirect the client to the AIDS centers where he get additional testing and prescribe appropriate treatment. We have developed an effective system for forwarding IDUs to medical specialists. Customers of ‘Visit’ can get a referral to a dermatologist, surgery, gynecology, infectious diseases doctor

In the center of experienced psychologists who help not only addicts but also their families. Employees carry out preventive training, which are aimed at reducing dependency and to be informed about the precautions and first aid.

We create a climate of confidence and try to make the stay of our customers at the center as comfortable as possible. Clients can play backgammon, watch TV, get support and communicate with those who have already got rid of the addiction. All this we do in order to change the behavior of the addict to a safer and thus bring him to the decision to discontinue the drug. However, we do not condemn our customers. We explain to them why it is important to take responsibility for their own health and the health of others.