IDU – injecting drug users


In October 2006, the CF “Blago” appeared the PIN direction. The main goal – is to prevent the likelihood of transmission of HIV / STD / Viral Hepatitis among injecting drug users with repeated use of syringe and unprotected sex.

Some of work our social workers know firsthand about drugs, so they have some credibility with customers, serve as a positive example and motivate to get rid of dependence. In work involved medical professionals, psychologists and lawyers. Mobile Ambulance station works in this direction too.

How do we work with IDU?


Social workers provide sterile equipment (syringes, needles, alcohol wipes) personal protective equipment for customers of direction. This is the way we reduce the possibility of the spread of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections by using second-hand equipment and unprotected sex. In this case, we are guided by a harm reduction strategy, which aims not to ban unhealthy behavior, but to reduce the harmful effects and make behavior safer. We’re not talking drug addict “stop using” – we urge him to do it responsibly.

Simply put – by giving clean syringe to drug addict, we prevent contamination of himself and the people who are around him. In addition to the medical materials, the customer receives information and educational materials on disease prevention and consultation of the social worker.

Customers of IDU direction have the opportunity to test for HIV, hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections using rapid testing. Person learns his results in 15 minutes. If necessary, the social worker gives the direction of a physician. For example, if HIV test is positive, the client will be redirected to the AIDS center. Our social worker will take him to the hospital if necessary. We also redirect our customers to Narcologist, dermatovenerologist, surgeon. In addition, the project is staffed by lawyers and psychologists who provide professional support to addicts and their families, are progressively changing relations of dependence to drugs.

Where we work with IDUs?


Get help customers IDUs may at the Center for integrated care “Visit” (str. XII Party Congress, 1). The center is located in the building of Drug Dispensary Frunze and Ordzhonikidze district, so if necessary, qualified the psychiatrist is always there.

Social workers provide handouts and advice on outreach routes. Foundation “Blago” cooperates with the site of Substitution maintenance therapy, as well as rehabilitation centers that are aimed to save people from drug addiction.

We believe that drug addiction is an illness – which we can help to overcome.