Street Children


The “street children” direction appeared in January 2012, when to the spectrum of tasks of CF “Blago” added another one – reducing the spread of HIV / STI / hepatitis among children and teenagers. Social workers found the place where homeless and street children spent their time homeless, and regularly went to the outreach route to help them. Social workers also provided training on the prevention of risky behavior for pupils of vocational schools.

In 2014, the Foundation “Blago” opened a Day care center “Compass“, which operates as a center of emergency social support for children and teenagers. Here we help children who are prone to risky behavior, vagrancy, disabled children, orphans, the graduates of the colonies, orphanages and children from low-income families.

Less than a year, number of clients of our center  become more than 200. This are the children and teenagers who come to us for free social, legal, psychological and medical services. They come to take a shower, wash clothes, talk about their problems. We help children learn how to cope with life’s difficulties.

Social work educators of  “Compass” assist in addressing social issues: tell us where to go for the restoration of documents, finding housing for graduates of boarding, helping to establish relationships with parents. Employees conduct “family group conferences” and trainings.

Psychologist of the center helps with personal issues: provides individual consultations, which are aimed at correcting the behavior, attitudes to themselves and the world around them. The lawyer helps to understand questions about legal framework . In the case of health problems, customers of ‘Compass’ may refer to a nurse who always carries a physical examination of the child and send to profile the doctor if it’s necessary.

In “Compass”  social worker hold preventive exciting quests, entertainment and film clubs. Soon there will be free Hand Made Club, IT courses and master classes.

Employees ‘Compass’ try their best to broaden the horizons of children.  They arrange excursions, go to the cinema, circus and theater, themselves organize festivals and concerts. Even on weekdays in the “Compass” is not boring – children can always play educational board games.

The work goes on behind the doors of the “Compass.” For the prevention of risky behaviors, staff conduct field training and meeting with teenagers in boarding, vocational schools, teenagers who are registered with the police and the Prison Service, as well as pupils Kuryazhsky colony.

We make every effort to help children to become independent and to teach them to cope with their difficulties.