The project “Rights and health of vulnerable groups: filling gaps” is implemented on the basis of the Day Center “Compass”  CF Blago” with the financial support of the International Foundation “AIDS Foundation East-West”.

Objectives of the project:

A strong civil society capable of calling the government to account;
Consistent observance of the rights of representatives of key population groups;
Improving the situation of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and reducing the spread of HIV.
Target group:

Teenagers with experience of using psychoactive substances.


  • Social (an integrated program of social support, which includes assistance in solving vital problems, counseling on safe behavior, how to protect one’s rights and where to seek help, training sessions on the prevention of a healthy lifestyle, leisure activities, household services, humanitarian assistance) ;
  • Legal (advocacy of client interests);
  • Psychological (counseling, psychological diagnosis and correction, group psychological help);
  • Medical (consulting with a medical professional, confidential testing for HIV, hepatitis B, C, syphilis).


Kharkiv city,  Bolshaya Panasovskaya Street, 7 (formerly Kotlova Street)
Tel. 777-05-72

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dccompas/