“Blago” – is Kharkiv city charitable foundation, which activity is focused on the health maintenance prevention the expansion of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, acute viral hepatitis, STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and other dangerous infections, rendering medical-social help propaganda healthy life style and provision the prosperity of vulnerable social group in Kharkiv.

Kharkiv city Charitable foundation “Blago” was found in November 2005 by initiating group and has been performing this mission successfully for 10 years. Our mission is the assistance of health and social well-being in way of accordance charitable help to vulnerable group of population and popularization responsible, tolerant and ecological way of life.

One of the first aspects of fund work was creation the conditions for forming responsible and health lifestyle, prophylaxis and finding HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, acute viral hepatitis, STD, and other socially dangerous transmissible diseases among injecting drug user IDU, CSW-commercial sex workers, MSM – men who has sex with men.

Some years later, the “Street children” direction was opened. The aim of this project is improving the life conditions of the vulnerable group of children and youth. The work with young marginal target groups showed that it is important to reduce the influence on the adults in time, because just in tender years in the process of socialization young people apt to social behavior, which can set a negative stamp upon the whole life.

Fund “Blago” is a stable working and dynamic developing company. We work with groups of people, who can’t afford economical and social standards of living and we try to cover different groups of population.

In this year in Blago we will open a new direction for working with internally displaced persons (IDP). We don’t stop, we try to find new and affective ways of providing the prosperity the citizens of region.

The fund tasks:

  • provision of assistance to vulnerable groups of people concerning health and social adaptation;
  • realization the programs concerning the safety of reproductive health, sexual education of the adults and youth;
  • increase the quality and availability of the medical and social services for risk group people;
  • revelation and prophylaxis socially dangerous infections, HIV, tuberculosis, STD, hepatitis;
  • rendering social-psychological help for HIV/AIDS – infected patients and members of their families;
  • informing the society about the problem of HIV/AIDS and forming tolerant attitude to society and security agencies to the HIV/AIDS – infected patients;
  • assistance the development of the institutes, which engaged in health problems, participation in rendering medical help to the population and social maintenance the people, who need help.

Fund “Blago” propagandizes the idea, aim, tasks and activities with involvement legal entity and natural person including foreign or financial support.

Charitable foundation “Blago” is voluntary, disinterested and does not involve profit from this activity.