In according with Ukrainian law, “On ensuring rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons” internally displaced persons (IDP) is citizens from Ukraine, foreigner or stateless citizens, who is on the territory of Ukraine in legal alien and has a right on full-time residence in Ukraine, who was made leave their place of abode for results or for avoidance of the consequences of armed conflict, temporary occupation, expressions of violence, abuse of human rights and natural man-made emergency situation.

In modern Ukrainian realia, internally displaced persons are citizens from Lugansk and Donetsk regions, who was made leave their home in relation armed conflict in Donbas and search for new home in different cities. Intracity migrants have to search and rent an apartment in another city. It is not cheap and also it is not only one problem that intracity migrants faced.

It is difficult for internally displaced person to find job, process documents and even to search all necessary things, they were caused to leave on occupied territory.

Nowadays the activity of organizations and funds, which are oriented on the help and support internally displaced persons in Ukraine obtain the particular importance and urgency. Kharkiv city charitable foundation “Blago” did not maintain aloofness and joined to the project of European Union. The protection of internally displaced persons rights in June 2015 to build transit hub and the day centre, where internally displaced persons have an opportunity to get social, psychological, legalistic and other help.

In march 2016 Transit hub and day centre “Ochag” opened the door for guests and clients. They have an opportunity to get a consultation from social workers and psychologists of the centre, jurisdiction and medical help and also get a friendly approval! The centre also offers a set of personal services: nutrition, providing clothes, shoes, personal hygiene products and others.

Besides, on the basis of Transit hub and day centre operate educational, communicative and resource centre.