To make it easier for you  to find KCF  “Blago” we offers a gallery of locations that show the ways to centers. To use the map in the Google maps application, click on the “GOOGLE route” link, which is located under the visualization of each location.

Main office of the KCF “Blago”

The main office of the KCF “Blago” is located at Moskovsky Prospekt 259. Walking from the Palace of Sports subway station, you will spend 12 minutes to get to the right place.
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GOOGLE route

CIHC “Visit”

The Center for Integrated Medical Care “Visit” is located at Severin Pototsky’s lane, 1. From Tractor Plant metro station, your walk to your destination takes about 16 minutes.
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CC “Orion”

The Integrated Health Care Center “Visit” is located at the Sharykova street, 29 (circleof  7 trolley buses).

Social House

The Social House is located in a 6-minute walk from the Central Market metro station. The DC “Compass”, the Youth Club “UNICEF”, the Center for Children  “Generation UA” work on the basis of Social House.
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