Logo Alliance

Charitable Foundation ” Blago” implements the project ” Public Health Alliance ” under the title: ” HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis prevention among vulnerable groups in the Kharkov region”.

Target group: 

MSM – Men who have sex with men

Objectives of the project:

reduce the rate of spread of socially dangerous diseases among MSM.


  • Consultations on HIV, STI, tuberculosis and so on.
  • For detection of early HIV and STIs status, clients are tested for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, С.
  • Issue of thematic literature.
  • The issuance remedy for the protection against STI and HIV (condoms, lubricants).
  • For the clients provides services of a psychologist, a lawyer, specialists (urologist, infectious disease specialist, etc., depending on the request).
  • Referral / redirection to medical and non-medical specialists.


Hotline phone +38 067 571 05 05 (call back).

Community Centre «ORION»
 Alchevskyh street, 15 750-99-68