The medical center of health and beauty “Blago” is part of the parent structure of the Kharkiv Charitable Foundation “Blago” and was created to help overcome drug and alcohol addiction, help in solving psychological and social problems.

The medical center is licensed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and has other necessary documents to provide medical care.

All services of the medical center are strictly confidential, some of them are anonymous.

Certified doctors of the medical center have a qualification category in “Narcology” and more than 10 years of experience working with alcohol and drug addicts, including patient management in substitution therapy programs, detoxification of the patient’s body (cleansing the blood from alcohol, drugs and their breakdown products).

The medical staff can accurately and painlessly carry out the manipulations necessary for the patient, incl. in cases of difficult access to the veins. Comfort in treatment is key to the clinic staff.

The medical center works closely with other medical institutions, as well as drug rehabilitation centers.

You can get more information by going to the website of the Medical Center for Health and Beauty “Blago”: http://narko.kh.ua/